The Sauce

Shouldn’t your salad dressing be as healthy and delicious as your salad?

DRESS IT UP DRESSING is a simple vinaigrette.

Olive oil, vinegar, garlic and mustard, and a little salt make our recipe a classic; the quality of the ingredients and how we treat them is what makes DRESS IT UP DRESSING unique. We’ve created a velvety and creamy vinaigrette that clings to the lettuce leaf, saturating it with flavor, but not with moisture. Veggies remain crisp and fresh and their flavors come through without being overpowered. Use our vinaigrettes to marinate your meats, accompany your cheese, and, of course, adorn your greens.

Since we don’t add water, our dressing has all the flavor you need in just one spoonful — it’s all you need.

That’s why we say Change The Way You Dress.